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sagar sethi sagar sethi, 2009/06/12 21:05:

ok heres the story, im 22 living it up im australia, when i was in india bout 8 yrs ago we had to go to haridwar for my mums cremation follow ups, there one of the pandit ji had a big rolled up record book. Now the excieting part, what we (me n my cousins) are told since birth is that sethi’s had a bid area to themselves called camelpur and thats somewhere past pakistan. When we were in haridwar the monk told us that the oldest record of a sethi they have is way before brithish came to india, some one called heera sethi came with few people to do the follow up rituals.. i have a handmade familt tree back home in india, would love to submit a copy here when i go back, until then, help ur fellow cousin and look at my website… ha ha . cheers! <a href=“http://www.3rdace.yolasite.com/” >

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