Genealogy of the Sethi (/Say thi/) Family

This is where we’ll eventually add a genealogy page for all the Sethi’s. Currently, we’re adding all of our genealogical information at but it is extremely limited because it doesn’t let us share the information publically and there’s no way to combine different people’s genealogies unless they’re added together under one primary login.

Join the Sethi Genealogy on

As such, please email rickys [at] sethi [dot] org if you’d like to add to the complete Sethi genealogy and I’ll send out an official invite to our family tree to be added as a friend/relative.

Partial listing of the Sethi Genealogy on

Meanwhile, here is the latest genealogy of our local family so far (please note: it looks a lot better on

More Miscellaneous Notes

FIXME A link to the old genealogy page.

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